Floral design is my passion, it's something that I do from the heart for my clients. The flowers evoke emotion through the human eye. I consider myself an artist, using blooms to chronicle life events. 

I got my start in the industry of floral design early in life, when the opportunity

presented itself to learn the art in my very first job where I was taught and developed

my love for flowers for 3 years. I scrubbed buckets, processed flowers, played in the dirt

and also got to make beautiful cascade bouquets and other creations. My desire and

natural ability had blossomed.  

This journey began now 25 years ago.  I have dabbled in other things, received an

education, and have always come back to where my heart is.  My philosophy is simple:  

do what you love, quality is of the utmost importance, keep learning and growing,

customer service is key.  


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